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About Us

Based in Union Mills on the Isle of Man, Hawkeye Logic are a modern age company using state of the art technology to put cameras in the sky, by doing this we will be able to capture aerial data that was previously to expensive or time consuming to achieve.

The equipment we use can go by many different names, such as; Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), UAS, UAV, Drone, Multi-Rotor, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter. Regardless of the name you call them, they have revolutionised aerial photography and data acquisition.

The Team we have on board at Hawkeye Logic Ltd have a combined 28 years of experience in commercial aviation. With this experience you can be sure our pilots have both the knowledge and skills required to complete the job.

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We offer a wide variety of services ranging from aerial photography/ videography to aerial surveying, detecting infected crops to creating digital 3D models of houses. We can also create contoured/ topographical maps.

  • Architectural services
  • Asset inspection
  • Real estate sales
  • Property development (commercial or domestic)
  • Business advertising
  • Travel/tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance claims
  • Photograph Your Home
  • Building Survey
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With being granted PfCO (permission for commercial operation) by the CAA and the IOMCAA, Hawkeye Logic Ltd can provide a wide range of aerial footage, ranging from aerial photography to asset inspection and survey work. Using our state of the art equipment we can provide ultra smooth footage in 4K.

Our pilots are fully trained and fully insured. We believe safety should always be a primary focus when operating an RPAS. We aim to be responsible, reliable and a competent partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with a friendly and professional attitude.

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Fully Insured Licenced Professionals

Trained by National Air Traffic Services

CAA Approved

IOMCAA approved